How to Check and Repair Edge Banding Machine
Published:2016-04-26 03:49:53    Text Size:【BIG】【MEDIUM】【SMALL
Just as skin of human beings, edge banding machine needs maintenance as well for a longer lifetime. But before maintaining, we should perform complete overhaul. So, what are the main aspects that needing overhaul?

1. conveyor belt: infusing lubricating oil and check the straightness of conveyor rail.

2. gear reducer: check if the inside oil is in a standard position, if the oil temperature is at standard temperature, if there is leakage on the housing and seals.

3. check if the parameters on motors and frequency converters are correct, if the voltage and frequency is normal.

4. check if the whole electric circuit, Osiswitch is normal.

5. check if Bolts are loose, if copying plate is worn, if bearings suffers from damage or deformation.

6. check if gluing is normal, if there is leaking on gluing pot, if the heating panels and temperature controllers are in normal condition.