Functions of Automatic Edge Banding Machine
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Automatic edge banding machine applies for  linear edge banding of medium-density fiberboard, block board, solid board, particle board, high-polymer door plank, plywood, etc. With the functions of Double-side Gluing, Edgeband Cutting, Edgeband Bonding, Endcutting, Rounding, Rough Trimming, Fine Trimming, Scraping, Buffing, etc., the edge baning effect is good: smooth, straight. Besides, the machine is stable, durable, with moderate price, applying for large and medium enterprises that producing panel furniture, cabinets.

unction introduction to every unit of automatic edge banding machine:

1. Pre-milling: doudle milling cutters is adopted to solve the problem of ripple, bur, out of plumb from cutting equipment so as to reach a better edge banding effect.

2. Gluing: with a special structure, the gluing between panel and edgeband can be even so as to ensure firm adhesion.

3. Endcutting: running on precise linear guiding rail, adopting profiling and high-frequency & high-speed motor, which ensures the cutting surface flat and smooth.

4. Fine Trimming: adopting profiling and high-frequency & high-speed motor, which ensures the upper and bottom surface flat and smooth. Fine Trimming Unit is for removing extra edgeband higher than processed panel, mainly used in PVC, Acrylic edgeband, 0.8mm better. Generally, R trimming cutter is used.

5. Scraping: for removing ripple due to profiling on non-linear running so as to ensure the upper and bottom surface more tidy and smooth.

6. Buffing: cloth buffing wheel adopted to clear processed panel, making the surface more smooth and glossy.
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